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Cyber Threats on the Rise - How to Protect Your Business and Yourself from Becoming a Statistic
by BISA administrator
Cyber threats continue to increase year over year and attack techniques are more sophisticated than ever. From ransomware such as WannaCry and Petya, to denial of service (DDoS) attacks using Internet of Things (IOT) devices, to data breaches disrupting the 2016 U.S. presidential election process, cyber threats are at the forefront of our lives and likely will be for many years to come.

Don’t Become a Statistic — 5 Ways You Can Protect Your Business and Yourself from Cyber Crime
Will cyber threats ever go away? No. But you can make it harder for your data to be stolen. Here are 5 ways you can prevent your business and yourself from becoming the victim of data or identity theft.
  1. Be proactive about protecting your data and online identity — Don’t wait until the bad guys open credit cards in your name and squander your hard-earned money. For more, see our tips on protecting your online identity and our webcast Dealing with Personal Identity Theft.
  2. Use caution when connected to public Wi-Fi networks — Devices connected to public Wi-Fi networks such as those in coffee shops and airports are easy targets for hackers. For more, see our Public Wi-Fi Best Practices.
  3. Secure your mobile devices and keep software and apps updated — For more, see our post Being Smart About Your Smartphone.
  4. Use strong passwords, multi-factor authentication, and a password manager — For more, see our Password Strength Best Practices and our webcast on Password Management Strategies.
  5. Be vigilant about scams such as phishing and vishing scams.
This month, ACA Aponix is participating in the Department of Homeland Security's Stop.Think.Connect Campaign for National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NSCAM).