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Spotlight on Technology Innovation: Trinlogix – Interaction Reports
by BISA administrator
Trinlogix is a recipient of the 2017 Technology Innovation Award for their Interaction Report platform, which is used to view portfolios / funds in its interactive 3D view and is fully searchable.

An industry professional stated that when using the Trinlogix product, "Success ratios go up and the Interaction Reporting is a great safety net for capturing data to more easily meet new compliance requirements."

The Interactive 3D Portfolio View Tool is made up of a heat sensing map that allows advisers to quickly view funds and equities as up (green) or down (red) with the ability to drill down quickly to individual equities (spheres) or zoom out to see groups of equities (columns). It allows for easy side by side comparison of portfolios. Advisers are using it as an analytic tool and at a high level for more effective client presentations.
The tool is a secure cloud based solution that can be utilized in the office or as a mobile app. The product can be purchased as a subscription for $99 per month as a single user or negotiated group rates. It can also be licensed, with the ability to port the product via its API first design into a website or dashboard, allowing white label and branding opportunities.
“Trinlogix will continue to add features to the software,” said Jason Spafford, Senior VP Sales and Development. “We are currently expanding on ways to view performance and continue to let the voice of our clients help guide our updates and improvements.”
Congratulations to Trinlogix on their technological accomplishments!
Visit to learn more about this exciting new technology.  

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