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For decades we’ve held the position that the investment services performance of a bank or credit union should be assessed relative to how well it has penetrated its opportunity – all those customers, most of whom say they would prefer to invest where they bank, and trust banks and credit unions far more than any other kind of financial services provider.  [1/18/2018]
Several finance and insurance companies have led the charge in increasing their matching contributions to workers’ 401(k) plans in response to the new tax law, and their early responses might just be the beginning.  [1/16/2018]
The investment advisor to New York University's retirement plan has been named as a co-defendant in litigation over alleged excessive fees.  [1/16/2018]
Banks and credit unions have historically asserted ownership of the brokerage clients acquired by their financial advisors, many requiring their advisors to sign non-solicitation agreements.  [11/9/2017]
The third quarter of 2017 saw the announcement of 7 high-profile data breaches in 7 weeks. Two of the more high-profile breaches, the SEC’s EDGAR filing system and Equifax, were caused via known security exploits. While these organizations are not related (nor were the attackers from what we can gather), they have one major thing in common: their failure to maintain an effective vulnerability management program.  [11/2/2017]
In today’s world of marketing and sales, a significant key to generating leads is a company’s ability to get potential buyers to find them. There is an entire industry dedicated to inbound marketing and social media management with companies such as HubSpot, Marketo and Pardot.  [11/2/2017]
The Q3 Issue of BISA Magazine is now available as a digital edition. Content from the issue is also available on Portfolio. The issue explores several topics, including:  [10/19/2017]
As a sales leader, you can't afford to miss this: Tony Cole, CEO of the Anthony Cole Training Center, will be presenting a webinar on Thursday, October 26 from 2:00-3:00p.m. ET.  [10/19/2017]
Produced by Stathis Partners and LPL Financial, BISA’s August 2017 Benchmarking Report is set to release very soon.  [10/19/2017]
Unpredictable and minimal pipeline issues are common problems, particularly for those companies with high dollar volume sales because there is inevitably time spent by salespeople in finding, qualifying and selling on the front end and ramping up and onboarding new clients on the back end. Building relationships and initiating new customers can be time and energy consuming and these activities are usually preferable to prospecting and looking for new leads. After all, working closely with a new account is easier and more fun than looking for referrals or calling on new prospects.  [10/5/2017]
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