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How will these provisions affect the industry?
President Trump recently signed executive orders that suspend provisions of the Dodd-Frank financial reform law. » READ MORE
The Trump administration intends to leave retirement savings untouched as part of its new tax proposal, but some remain concerned employer-sponsored plans won't survive the tax-reform process unscathe [4/26/2017]  » READ MORE

The Financial Services Roundtable (FSR) — an organization that represents the largest integrated financial services companies providing banking, insurance, payment and investment products and services to consumers — today urged the Department of Labor (DoL) to review new studies and marketplace developments as it determines next steps for the fiduciary rule. Research shows that American savers are already facing limited choices, reduced service models and product availability, and increased cost as they save for retirement. [4/18/2017]  » READ MORE

There is a surprise inside for Annuities: The first tip off that there might be more to it is that the Final Rule to Extend the Applicability date of Fiduciary Rule and its related exemptions is 63 pages long. [4/6/2017]  » READ MORE

With a recent upheaval, these have been challenging times for Cetera Financial Institutions (CFI), one of the leading third-party marketing firms (TPMs) in the bank brokerage industry. [4/3/2017]  » READ MORE

Fee-based annuities have been slow to catch on. Sales have hovered at around 4 percent of variable annuity (VA) sales for the last couple of years, according to Morningstar. [4/3/2017]  » READ MORE Athene USA is one of the nation’s largest manufacturers of fixed indexed annuities (FIAs), but the West Des Moines, Iowa-based company has not distributed its product through banks—until now. [4/3/2017]  » READ MORE Financial planning is evolving into a family affair, and for good reason. Baby boomers will be passing down an estimated $30 trillion in assets to their Generation X and millennial children over the next two to three decades—and financial advisors need to be on alert. [4/3/2017]  » READ MORE

For a registered representative or advisor, the securities license represents not only a way to make a living, but also the advisor’s accomplishments and qualifications to manage money or make recommendations in the financial arena. Too often, however, representatives make mistakes that trigger regulatory scrutiny and client discontent. Most fall into about a dozen categories. [3/1/2017]  » READ MORE The new Department of Labor Conflicts of Interest Rule – Retirement Investment Advice (the “DOL fiduciary rule”) was released on April 6, and the countdown to the first applicability date of April 10, 2017 has begun. [2/19/2017]  » READ MORE When a registered broker/dealer discovers a significant violation of FINRA rules, it is required to file a report disclosing the matter. A common question broker/dealers then face is what else should they do? Although FINRA has offered credit for “extraordinary cooperation” since 2008, the self-regulatory organization has only given such credit in a small number of cases. Further, until recently, none of these actions allowed member firms off the hook without a penalty. [12/1/2016]  » READ MORE
DOL Fiduciary Standard: So What?
Reality is a strange bedfellow. April 10th came and went and no fiduciary standard, but the run-up was certainly painful. [4/27/2017]  » READ MORE
The High-Tech Path to High Touch
Whether you love or regret the dawn of the smart phone and the 24/7 access it gives us, such technology has always been able to provide more opportunities than obstacles. Such is the case in a post-DOL-rule world. The “Advisor of the Future” will need a digital advice strategy to augment and feed the growth of tried-and-true personal, high-touch relationships. [3/6/2017]  » READ MORE
Crisis is Not a Four-Letter Word
In 1853, Chef George Crum had enough of a customer who repeatedly sent his fried potatoes back to the kitchen, complaining they were too soggy and thick. As a result, Crum decided to slice the potatoes ridiculously thin and fry them so the slices were nearly burnt. The potato chip has been a staple of the snack food world ever since. Chaos can beget invention. [3/6/2017]  » READ MORE


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